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OSA Booth  at Laser Munich

InDesign/Illustrator, May 2011

The design elements for this look was inspired by the tagline, “Cooler, Faster, Fiber”.  In the heart of Germany – think the Autobahn and fine German engineering – I tapped into the cultural love of auto racing.  I created a series of stand alone large-scale posters to highlight three different product areas direct visitors to the website.  Combining the traditional racing palette of yellow, black and white with a coordinating OSA blue resulted in a bold design, with a clear theme that bridged the border between professional and kitschy.

Photo of OSA booth at Laser Munich 2011.
Array of four 33.5"x84.75" and two 28"x44" booths posters for OSA at Laser Munich 2011.

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Faster. Cooler. Fiber.

OFC/NFOEC at Interop Booth Campaign

InDesign/Illustrator, May 2011

This unique opportunity for JennyNess Designs involved conceiving and styling the entire exhibit display, including furnishings, give-aways, and printed collateral.  Two factors helped to inform the art direction – first, the audience for this event was slightly outside of OFC/NFOEC’s traditional wheelhouse and secondly, the content for the 2012 OFC/NFOEC had yet to be developed.  In contrast to the organization’s typical approach of depending on detailed copy, the goal of this display was to attract attention, identify the concerns of datacom professionals, and initiate brand awareness via bold and attractive graphics.

The first order of business was to develop the message that the graphics would need to convey.  I created the theme of “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” and we played off of the “got milk?” campaign with a bold “Got fiber?” introduction.  Other copy included a short list of additional benefits of fiber in a datacom environment, the show URL, and the dates and locations of the next OFC/NFOEC.

Supporting the messaging, the graphics utilized a cool palette of turquoise, teal and other blue-green tones which were balanced by white and chrome (used as neutrals).  Four large-format banners formed a back wall to the display and were designed to create a single image.  The minimal furnishings were modern and supported the crisp, cool theme.  Other printed collateral included a bi-fold brochure and a small easel-back sign.  Fiber One bar give-aways played on our “fiber” theme;  custom labels were designed.  Also, designed for this event were small tins of mints in the shape of race cars with the “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” message.

Roll-up Banners
Interior for booth handout.
Labels for FiberOne bar give aways.
Race car mint give-aways.
OFC/NFOEC booth at Interop Las Vegas after set up.
8.5"x11" easel back sign.

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

Pacific Bridge Marketing: What Happens in Vegas…

Ethernet Alliance at Interop Las Vegas

InDesign/Illustrator, April 2011

The design elements for this marketing campaign originated with an email header graphic.  The base graphic for the header was inspired by the datacom audience, utilizing a photograph of computer circuitry combined with some simple illustrated linear elements to reinforce the imagery.  Colors were chosen to coordinate with both the show graphics and the EA logo.  This look was subsequently expanded to large format booth graphics and a double-sided flyer.

Email header for Ethernet Alliance at Interop Las Vegas
Back wall booth graphics for Ethernet Alliance at Interop Las Vegas

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Digitally Speaking

Asenti Website

WordPress, March 2011
Themes, color palette, and fonts from the Asenti identity exercise and logo project were applied to the Twenty Ten theme on WordPress.  More than 12 pages, two custom menus, and countless CSS customizations were required to produce the final site.  JennyNess Designs partnered with Movick Marketing for copywriting on this project.

Asenti Contact Page
Asenti Team Page

Learn more about Asenti Diligence Partners.

Pacific Bridge Marketing: Asobi – Replenish, Nurture, Thrive

Asobi Sport ™ Family Fitness Digital and Print Templates

PowerPoint, PhotoShop, Word, October 2010

Asobi Sport™ Family Fitness is a pilates inspired program for parents who want to exercise while they nurture their children; babywearing is a cornerstone of the Asobi Sport classes and products. Presentation template materials were developed using the cool color palette and the fluid, calm mood of the company’s site.

PowerPoint Template
Letterhead Template

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Pacific Bridge Marketing: Networking in N’awlins

Ethernet Alliance Campaign for SC10

InDesign/Illustrator, October 2010

The design elements for this marketing campaign originated with an email header graphic.  The color palette was inspired by the tagline and tradeshow venue and this look was expanded to large format booth graphics and a double-sided flyer.

EA Header
Email Header Graphic
Large Format Booth Graphics

For more information on Pacific Bridge Marketing click here.

Harmony Hill

Harmony Hill Logo and Stationery

Illustrator, January 2010

Harmony Hill is a small scale miniature horse farm in rural Virginia.  The logo is based on a handmade plywood outdoor sign that was modeled loosely on a cast metal figure.  The final logo and stationery is a 2-color design meant to evoke a classic equestrian feel in a warm, earthy palette.

Harmony Hill

Business Card

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