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OSA Booth  at Laser Munich

InDesign/Illustrator, May 2011

The design elements for this look was inspired by the tagline, “Cooler, Faster, Fiber”.  In the heart of Germany – think the Autobahn and fine German engineering – I tapped into the cultural love of auto racing.  I created a series of stand alone large-scale posters to highlight three different product areas direct visitors to the website.  Combining the traditional racing palette of yellow, black and white with a coordinating OSA blue resulted in a bold design, with a clear theme that bridged the border between professional and kitschy.

Photo of OSA booth at Laser Munich 2011.
Array of four 33.5"x84.75" and two 28"x44" booths posters for OSA at Laser Munich 2011.

For more information about OSA click here.

Faster. Cooler. Fiber.

OFC/NFOEC at Interop Booth Campaign

InDesign/Illustrator, May 2011

This unique opportunity for JennyNess Designs involved conceiving and styling the entire exhibit display, including furnishings, give-aways, and printed collateral.  Two factors helped to inform the art direction – first, the audience for this event was slightly outside of OFC/NFOEC’s traditional wheelhouse and secondly, the content for the 2012 OFC/NFOEC had yet to be developed.  In contrast to the organization’s typical approach of depending on detailed copy, the goal of this display was to attract attention, identify the concerns of datacom professionals, and initiate brand awareness via bold and attractive graphics.

The first order of business was to develop the message that the graphics would need to convey.  I created the theme of “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” and we played off of the “got milk?” campaign with a bold “Got fiber?” introduction.  Other copy included a short list of additional benefits of fiber in a datacom environment, the show URL, and the dates and locations of the next OFC/NFOEC.

Supporting the messaging, the graphics utilized a cool palette of turquoise, teal and other blue-green tones which were balanced by white and chrome (used as neutrals).  Four large-format banners formed a back wall to the display and were designed to create a single image.  The minimal furnishings were modern and supported the crisp, cool theme.  Other printed collateral included a bi-fold brochure and a small easel-back sign.  Fiber One bar give-aways played on our “fiber” theme;  custom labels were designed.  Also, designed for this event were small tins of mints in the shape of race cars with the “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” message.

Roll-up Banners
Interior for booth handout.
Labels for FiberOne bar give aways.
Race car mint give-aways.
OFC/NFOEC booth at Interop Las Vegas after set up.
8.5"x11" easel back sign.

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

Pinboard Wizard

2010 OSA Exhibit Promotional Poster and Envelope

InDesign, August 2010
24.5″ x 33″, folded; 9″x12″ envelope

This purpose of this piece is to share the exhibit schedule with prospective customers.  Instead of formatting the information as a typical brochure, the client wanted to produce a poster that prospects would hang and give the products year-long exposure.  With event venue as an important selling point, the poster was conceived as a bulletin board with travel pictures – a little messy, but with character and charm.  All of the information was “tacked” to the board or posted as “sticky notes”.  The corresponding envelope was designed for 1-color printing.


For more information on OSA exhibits show click here.

Not Your Usual Laser Show

CLEO 2011 Rebook Poster

InDesign, April 2010
13″x19″, folded to 6.5″x9,5″

This piece was designed to promote the re-sale of exhibit space to current customers.  The poster format was conceived as an attention-grabbing mailer, relying on digital printing with variable data to convey the crucial details.  Stock photography and elements from the 2010 artwork were combined create an eye-catching design.


For more information on the CLEO show click here.

Fall for the Book – Grand Prize Winner!

Fall for the Book Promotional Poster

Illustrator, February 2010

This original design was chosen from more than 30 entries to represent the 2010 Fall for the Book festival, one of the oldest, largest, and best of its type in the country. The 2010 festival attracted more than 20,000 attendees to venues throughout the DC metro region.  The poster illustrates the relationship between the author and reader, while drawing attention to the fall dates.  The poster was the cornerstone of the 2010 marketing campaign and was distributed to schools and libraries throughout the mid-Atlantic region, in addtion to the image being featured in a television commercial and an article in the Washington City Paper.

For more information on Fall for the Book here.

Stay. Eat. Play.

OFC/NFOEC 2011 Rebook Poster

InDesign, January 2010
13″x19″, folded to 6.5″x9,5″

This piece was designed to promote the re-sale of exhibit space to current customers.  The poster format was conceived as an attention-grabbing mailer, relying on digital printing with variable data to convey the crucial details.  In promoting the 2011 event, the piece features the venue as a primary selling point.

Poster Front

Poster Back

InDesign, July 2010

8.5″x11″, bi-fold

The art from the poster was reformatted to serve as a preliminary prospectus for prospective exhibitors.

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

My Life Collage

Autobiographical Collage

Photoshop, October 2006

Carefully chosen images assembled in layers form a peephole inside the artist’s memory.


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