Faster. Cooler. Fiber.

OFC/NFOEC at Interop Booth Campaign

InDesign/Illustrator, May 2011

This unique opportunity for JennyNess Designs involved conceiving and styling the entire exhibit display, including furnishings, give-aways, and printed collateral.  Two factors helped to inform the art direction – first, the audience for this event was slightly outside of OFC/NFOEC’s traditional wheelhouse and secondly, the content for the 2012 OFC/NFOEC had yet to be developed.  In contrast to the organization’s typical approach of depending on detailed copy, the goal of this display was to attract attention, identify the concerns of datacom professionals, and initiate brand awareness via bold and attractive graphics.

The first order of business was to develop the message that the graphics would need to convey.  I created the theme of “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” and we played off of the “got milk?” campaign with a bold “Got fiber?” introduction.  Other copy included a short list of additional benefits of fiber in a datacom environment, the show URL, and the dates and locations of the next OFC/NFOEC.

Supporting the messaging, the graphics utilized a cool palette of turquoise, teal and other blue-green tones which were balanced by white and chrome (used as neutrals).  Four large-format banners formed a back wall to the display and were designed to create a single image.  The minimal furnishings were modern and supported the crisp, cool theme.  Other printed collateral included a bi-fold brochure and a small easel-back sign.  Fiber One bar give-aways played on our “fiber” theme;  custom labels were designed.  Also, designed for this event were small tins of mints in the shape of race cars with the “Cooler, Faster, Fiber” message.

Roll-up Banners
Interior for booth handout.
Labels for FiberOne bar give aways.
Race car mint give-aways.
OFC/NFOEC booth at Interop Las Vegas after set up.
8.5"x11" easel back sign.

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

Oh, what a gem!

Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) Exhibit Directory and Addendum

InDesign, May 2010
8 1/8″ x 10 7/8″, 72 page directory

24 pages and cover in 4-color, balance in black and white

A critical piece of onsite collateral, the directory  is a resource outlining activities and exhibitors available at the tradeshow.  At 72 pages, it is a significant project and a fantastic opportunity to reinforce the show’s creative. Updates to the Conference Program and Buyers’ Guide directory are published in a coordinating Addendum,  which is produced in black and white.

CLEO 2011 Guide, cover
CLEO 2011 Guide, inside front cover and schedule
CLEO 2011 Guide, awards spread
CLEO 2011 Guide, floor plan
CLEO 2011 Guide, listings

For more information on the CLEO show click here.

Can You Keep a Secret?

Overview of Sensing Equipment Illustration for Presentation

Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to share the subject or identify my client for this project.  These terms are always disappointing when I am excited to share the final work!  The piece included a landscape illustration with several other small-scale  illustrations of equipment deployed within that landscape.  This graphic was intended to be used as part of a presentation related to a request for proposal.

Oodles and Oodles of…Contracts

2012 Exhibit Space Application Forms

InDesign, January 2011
8 1/2″ x 11″

This 2012 Optical Fiber Communication Exhibit Space Application is an example of the more than 20 exhibt and sponsorship contracts that will be created for more than a dozen events for the 2012 event cycle. These documents provide the legal confirmation of the sale and outline many of the rules and regulations associated with the purchase.

2012 OFC Corporate Village Contract (front)
2012 OFC Corporate Village Contract (back)

For more information on OSA exhibits click here.

The Latest and Greatest

OFC/NFOEC Addendum

InDesign, March 2011
8 1/8″ x 10 7/8″, 12 page directory

Updates to the Conference Program and Buyers’ Guide directory are published here for the benefit of attendees. The design coordinates with the established show look but is produced in black and white.

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

Digitally Speaking

Asenti Website

WordPress, March 2011
Themes, color palette, and fonts from the Asenti identity exercise and logo project were applied to the Twenty Ten theme on WordPress.  More than 12 pages, two custom menus, and countless CSS customizations were required to produce the final site.  JennyNess Designs partnered with Movick Marketing for copywriting on this project.

Asenti Contact Page
Asenti Team Page

Learn more about Asenti Diligence Partners.

Pacific Bridge Marketing: Connecting. Educating. Advancing.

Ethernet Alliance at OFC/NFOEC 2011

InDesign/Illustrator, March 2011

The look of this demonstration diagram and handout was developed to coordinate with the existing marketing campaign developed by Ethernet Alliance for the OFC/NFOEC 2011 show.

Ethernet Alliance demonstration diagram for OFC/NFOEC 2011

For more information on Pacific Bridge Marketing click here.

Cordially Invited

OFC/NFOEC 2012 Rebook Invitation Package

InDesign, January 2011
5.75″ x 8.5″ inserts, 6 x 9″ envelope

This piece was designed to promote the re-sale of exhibit space to current customers.  In 2010 we broke-out from the usual bi-fold brochure and created an unexpected poster.  This year, we decided to tie-in to the L.A. vibe again by creating a glamorous VIP invitation.  After opening the brilliant gold envelope, the recipient reveals a folded cardstock VIP invitation with coordinating cards for details about pricing and instructions for rebooking.  All pieces have a matte finish for added elegance and each piece was customized using variable data digital printing.

Invitation with Envelope
Envelope Detail
Inside the Invitation
Information Inserts

For more information on OFC/NFOEC click here.

Frontier Life

Frontiers in Optics (FiO) Exhibit Directory

InDesign, October 2010
8 1/8″ x 10 7/8″, 12 page directory

The directory provides an onsite resource of activities and exhibitors at the tradeshow collocated with OSA’s Annual Meeting.  The addendum notifies attendees of updates to both the directory and program books since their publication and is produced in black and white with a coordinating layout style.

Directory and Addendum Sheet
Sample Spread

For more information on FiO click here.

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