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About Us

Why We’re So Special

You have a unique need – replete with special circumstances, big personalities, and aesthetic preferences. At JennyNess Designs, each client relationship is a collaboration: the client and designer work together to create a great design solution and positive experience during the design process. Our unique and practical approach to problem-solving is derived from a diverse array of experiences. We’re acutely aware of business communication needs and use design skills to help you meet your goals. We understand the critical role of budgeting in today’s market. We work within your budget to find great, economical production solutions. We realize that not everyone is knowledgeable about design, and we can effectively discuss design and production issues with both newbies and veterans. We listen to your troubles, keep your best interests at heart and celebrate your successes…Basically, it’s like having a “best friend” for your business.

How We Make Design Work for You

Sounds good so far, but how does this work? Beginning with the premise that design is essentially about communicating your message, the first step is to identify the message and its target audience.  Through interviews, written questionnaires and research, we define what the project is all about and determine a creative direction that takes into account all of the established criteria. Since great design is measured by the effectiveness of the communication, we use a visual toolkit–images and words, colors, patterns, fonts, and shapes–to present your message and ensure that it’s received by the viewer as intended. When we undertake a design project, we want our work to push the viewers’ reaction toward action—whether to inspire a purchase, educate the audience or create brand awareness.

Ready? Let’s create something together.

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