Making Design Work For You

Each client relationship presents an opportunity for collaboration: the client and the designer work together to develop a great visual solution to a creative problem.

The essence of design is about communicating a message, so we first define what you want to say, how to say it, and to whom. We’ll also determine the ideal audience response in order to tailor our approach to push their reactions toward actions—to inspire purchases, to educate, or build brand awareness. These are the measurable outcomes of successful, effective design communication.

Through questionnaires, interviews and research, I will develop a creative direction that takes into account all of the business goals, special circumstances, and aesthetic preferences that are unique to you and your project. Not everyone is comfortable talking about design, but my practical approach to problem-solving uses design as a tool to help you meet your business goals. And, I can effectively discuss the challenges, strategies, and techniques for solving your design needs whether you’re a  newbie or a veteran project manager.

I bring to the table over fifteen years of experience creating and producing marketing and sales pieces, eight years as an in-house designer and extensive experience serving a variety of clients as both a designer and a project manager, so I can walk you through the process, from the birth of an idea through production and distribution.

Let’s create something together.

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